Storybooks and Packaging

Jilda G Photography

Luxury bespoke storybooks on fine art paper by Jilda G Photography

20 spreads/40 pages included (pages can be added at extra cost)

Linen cover

200×300 storybook R2800

250×340 Storybook R3750

200 x 300 storybook with a perspex front cover and leather back cover

The book comes standard with 20 spreads


Jilda-g-photography-Cape-Town-photographer-wedding-storybooks_620 Jilda-g-photography-Cape-Town-photographer-wedding-storybooks_621

Photos for your book are chosen by you and I do the layout.

I like clean, simple, fresh looking layouts. Extra spreads can be added at R100 per spread


Pages are fine art paper


200 x 300 grey linen storybook in a personalised linen box and matching USB holderJilda-g-photography-Cape-Town-photographer-wedding-storybooks_624 Jilda-g-photography-Cape-Town-photographer-wedding-storybooks_625

Your name embossed on the cover

Jilda-g-photography-Cape-Town-photographer-wedding-storybooks_626 Jilda-g-photography-Cape-Town-photographer-wedding-storybooks_627 Jilda-g-photography-Cape-Town-photographer-wedding-storybooks_628

250×340 navy blue/grey linen storybook with matching USB holder, for the 10 hour wedding that needs a 2nd USBJilda-g-photography-Cape-Town-photographer-wedding-storybooks_630



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