Reddam Matric dance

Durbanville, Cape Town


A  Matric Dance photoshoot with three close friends from Reddam House Durbanville.

Having last photographed Tammi at her Gr7 dance, I was quite emotional to see her looking so glamorous and grown up.

Thank you Tammi, Ona and Haoran for choosing me to be your photographer, I had such a fun time!

What to expect when photographing a matric dance here is some advice to be considered:

  1. Location Scouting: Prior to the shoot, I would visit the location to select the most picturesque spots that complement the attire and aesthetic of the group. This would ensure a visually appealing backdrop for the photographs. Lighting would be most critical
  2. Communication: I would have a conversation  to understand your preferences, any specific poses you have in mind, and any details you want to highlight during the shoot.
  3. Timing: make sure you start the day early with make up and hair. Practically you have to consider your pre-drinks and walk in time and work your time backwards. You will be surprised how quickly your day will go by.

During the Photoshoot:

  1. Individual Portraits: I would start by taking individual portraits to showcase your unique styles and personalities.
  2. Group Poses: Moving on to group and family shots
  3. Creative Composition: In addition to capturing traditional poses, I would also experiment with dynamic angles and composition. This could involve capturing candid moments of the friends laughing, walking together, champagne popping to add fun and energy to the photographs.

Post-production and Delivery:

  1. Image Selection: After the shoot, I would carefully go through the photos and select the best shots that showcase the individual beauty of each friend and the group dynamic.
  2. Editing and Enhancements: Applying light editing techniques, such as color correction and adjusting exposure, would enhance the visual appeal while maintaining the natural essence of the images.
  3. Delivery: Once the editing process is complete, I would present the final edited images to you. The images would be shared digitally, allowing you to download high-resolution files and preserve the memories forever.


Hair and Make up : Delaney Siebert

Car signage : Pointline



Venue: Nitida Wine farm


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