Cape Town, South Africa

A Newborn Photo Shoot is an exciting and memorable way to capture the precious moments with your newborn baby. Taking place at home with mom and dad I can create a comfortable and intimate environment for the session. Here’s a detailed description of what a typical newborn photo shoot at home might entail:


  1. Choosing the Setting: Select a cozy and well-lit area in your home that allows for beautiful natural light to enhance the photos.
  2. Props and Accessories: Gather props like delicate wraps, blankets, soft toys, headbands, or hats to add personality and charm to the photos. It’s best to keep the props minimal, so they don’t overshadow the focus on your newborn. I do bring some along too.
  3. Timing: Plan the photo shoot when your newborn is fed and ready to sleep. Pick a time when natural light is abundant in the room you have chosen.

During the Photo Shoot:

  1. Posing Guide: Classic poses include swaddled shots, capturing her tiny feet and hands, or being cradled by her parents.
  2. Intimate Parent-Baby Moments: I encourage mom and dad to engage in heartfelt interactions with their baby, capturing tender moments filled with love and joy.




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