Newborn – Hugo

Cape Town newborn photographer

The past few weeks I have only been photographing little boys, and they have all been so good. Hugo was no exception. But this time, I also had the added bonus of photographing Hugo’s big sister Lilah. Such prettiness! I know she is going to be the best big sister. What a gorgeous family!

Thank you for spending the morning with me. xx

2014-04-10_0362014-04-10_037 2014-04-10_0392014-04-10_041 2014-04-10_0422014-04-10_044 2014-04-10_0462014-04-10_047 2014-04-10_048 2014-04-10_049 2014-04-10_050 2014-04-10_0512014-04-10_0652014-04-10_056 2014-04-10_0572014-04-10_0582014-04-10_0592014-04-10_0602014-04-10_061 2014-04-10_0622014-04-10_0632014-04-10_064


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