Lombard Family

Kalahari, South Africa

As a photographer, I recently had the pleasure of capturing some special family moments at the Dreghorn Farm in the Kalahari. The farm provided a beautiful backdrop for the photo shoot, with its vast open landscapes and stunning African sunsets.

The Lombard family were absolutely lovely, and it was clear from the start that they had a deep connection and love for each other. As we set out to take our photos, they were full of laughter, and playfulness, which made the entire experience so enjoyable and effortless.

One of my favorite shots was of the family standing together in front of the farm’s welcome sign, with the sun setting the colors of the sky and the sand were simply breathtaking. Dreghorn farm is a very special place which is family run and I felt very privileged to have been invited there for a few days.

Another memorable moment was when we took some photos with their dogs who were not invited to the shoot, but managed to find us way into the dunes and I was so happy to include them.

Overall, the photo shoot at Dreghorn was a truly unforgettable experience. I feel so grateful to have been able to document this family’s love and connection, against such a beautiful and unique African backdrop.

Dankie Lombards!



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