Calvin & Liza

The 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa

Venue : The 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa

Calvin’s plan was to propose to Lize with a picnic setting on The 12 Apostles mountain with a sea view backdrop. But Cape Town’s South Easter was going to have none of that. The wind was gale force and we had to make the decision to bring the picnic inside and go with Plan B.

Plan B turned out to be PERFECT . Calvin and Lize got the best of both. A very private, intimate proposal in The Conservatory , and then we went outside and faced the elements.

The actual proposal was so special, and emotional and I think having it in the private lounge added to this moment. After popping the champagne, Calvin and Lize were  game for anything, and the weather added to the drama of the photos. You guys were so terrific and in the short time we spent together it felt like I had made new friends.


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