The Marx family (location shoot)

Zewenwacht, Kuils River

This was such a special occasion. The Marx family was celebrating their parents 50th wedding anniversary. Parents, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts and uncles all spent the weekend together at Zewenwacht wine farm, and I am sure it was an unforgettable weekend. I usually get to photograph the beginning of marriages, from engagement shoots to the wedding day, the beginning of young love. It was really beautiful witnessing the love of a couple 50 years together. I wish this for all my couples I have photographed over the years.

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  1. Lindsay Campbell

    wow wow wow wow cannot sing the praises enough of this photographer Jilda Gildenhuys who captured the memories of my folk’s 50th wedding anniversary for us! Thank you, thank you!!!!! Plus you should have seen how beautifully the dvd arrived! what a fantastic job!


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