Zahraa & Amir

Raintree, Zimbabwe

I had the opportunity to photograph at one of my favourite weddings venues again, Raintree in Harare, Zimbabwe. This was a Muslim wedding so it was a little different to my previous weddings there as we started off at the Mosque in Harare. The Nikkah is a very emotional ceremony for the family, especially for the bride as it is the time where she leaves her family to join his. I think coming from a family of four girls, I can definitely understand the closeness they share and the loss as each leaves their family home.

But then I got to see Zahraa and Amir together, and I could just feel the love and excitement they shared. The excitement of their adventures to come. Starting from their wedding day which was a mini-adventure of its own.

This wedding was set up for 400 guests in a marquee on the lawn of Raintree, and it looked spectacular. But the day was getting darker and darker and eventually the rain started bucketing down. I had never witnessed such torrential rains (pity it wasn’t in Cape Town, we needed that)over 100mm in 2 hours. But as a true close knit family, everyone rallied together, was proactive and made plan B happen. Even Mr.Allana, the father of the bride, was helping guests walk from their cars to the marquee with umbrellas. He was soaked through but nothing was “dampening” their spirits.

This is what I love about weddings, they are always beautiful, always unpredictable and what makes a wedding special are the couples love for each other, and the love their family and friends have for them, to give them the most memorable day of their lives and this wedding was no exception.

Marry someone who is home and an adventure all in one. I think you two have done this. Zahraa and Amir I wish you a lifetime of adventures together.





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