Murphy Family

Cape Town, South Africa

Emma Murphy and her incredibly courageous grandfather, Aubrey, were mauled by dogs in a freak and savage incident at their home a few months ago. With severe injuries to her little body and a very long road to full recovery, with many surgeries later and still many to go through, Emma is just so full of energy and has such a twinkle in her eyes.
Emma is a twin and sadly Kate witnessed the whole attack. Whilst not physically injured, Kate is as traumatised by the event.
The family are raising funds as they have huge bills to cover .The funds raised will assist with all the surgeries needed for Emma and in getting the correct trauma counselling and play therapy for Kate.
If you would like to help please follow Emma’s journey on the Murphy’s dedicated facebook page…/
Any support would be appreciated. I was able to donate R8000 through photoshoots I was able to book with the help of some generous people. All the proceeds went to the Sunshine and Superhero support foundation.
I have been on a long journey with Tracy and Carl, from photographing their wedding several years ago, to a beautiful beach maternity shoot, and then that same night Tracy went into labour and a newborn twin shoot at my studio. So it was really special spending some time with these beautiful girls last week. 



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